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Sunday 30 May 2010

The Jeffrey Family

I really got a workout chasing these two around. Clarke and Dylan were so full of energy and had a fabulous time running all around my little garden. I had just hung this hammock I bought years ago in Ecuador and thought it would be perfect for shoots. However it is on a little hill and these two were so wiggly it made me extremely agitated waiting for one - or both - to tumble out and roll down the hill. So although it is beautiful, it might be better for serene little girls. Sorry Judith - I hope you were not as nervous as I was. Thank you all for a fun morning...

Friday 28 May 2010

Bermuda Weddings: Kirsty & Andrew

I arrived at Andrew's grandmother's house to a flurry of activity. Six girls, all in white dresses eagerly waiting to see Kirsty in her wedding gown. These days bridesmaids seldom wear white, but long ago, it was said that when in a state of transition one is susceptible to evil spirits, so the bride's attendants all wore white to protect the bride by confusing the spirits. When Kirsty was dressed, the chorus of ooohs and aaahs was just wonderful. And completely deserved - she truly looked like a delicate Greek goddess.
Kirsty and Andrew have been together for ten years, but the way they cuddle and gaze at each other, one would think they were still in that giddy discovery phase.
Thank you both for the honour of capturing your love. Your wedding was just beautiful...

Friday 21 May 2010

In Motion 2010: Part Two

Here are a few more from the In Motion Recital...

I will be working on the others in the coming weeks and they will be on www.pictage.com after 10 June. Event name ABT In Motion 2010.
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