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Wednesday 12 May 2010

Bermuda Weddings: Betsy & Hubert

As I entered Betsy's room, I could smell the soft scent of roses. That morning, Hubert had sent her some flowers from his garden with a beautiful note - "Some lovely Bermuda roses for Bermuda's most lovely bride..." And he was right, Betsy was one of the most beautiful brides I have had the pleasure of photographing. She was giddy yet graceful, her dress was gorgeous and her happiness was infectious. And as she walked down the aisle and I saw Hubert's face beaming at her, I understood why. They were so tender and sweet, but totally gleeful too and it was obvious that they are truly thankful for what they have together and aware of how precious and special love really is. Thank you both so much for the honour of capturing your love for each other...


  1. Lovely lovely wedding and beautiful couple - so very happy for them! xx

  2. You certainly captured the essence of their love! Beautiful couple, beautiful wedding, beautiful photos. May they know the love and happiness of this day always..


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