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Wednesday 11 August 2010

Ken and Erin: Bermuda Wedding

I used to have a policy that I did not shoot from July 1 - Aug 31 as it was just too hot. I was miserable running around in the heat and at one wedding I almost fainted in church. But since then I have modified that and now I'm happy to shoot small evening weddings. Erin and Ken had one of those beautiful, small evening weddings. It was still incredibly hot, but overlooking the ocean at Astwood Park there was a wonderful breeze and in the shade the light was just lovely. You two were absolutely adorable together and it was a pleasure to photograph your summer wedding.

Erin's dress was designed by Tara Keely, her fabulous shoes are Manolo Blahniks.

Ken's son Jacob was the best man, and took his role very seriously. It was wonderful to see him watching the ceremony so attentively awaiting the moment he was to pass the rings to the minister.

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