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Tuesday 26 October 2010

Anna & Laurie

In 2005 Anna started her new job. Laurie was the last guy in the office to introduce himself; he told Anna that it was because he was so shy. A little later, however, he did manage to pluck up the courage to ask her out. On their first date they went skating. Laurie had made cookies and Anna brought hot cocoa and Bailey's - they both felt it was a match made in heaven. Their time together was filled with picnics, bike rides, red wine, fantastic food and sharing their dreams. Two years later on a trip to Montréal, Laurie proposed, asking if Anna would "take his heart in marriage".
It was raining on the morning of their wedding and they feared their beach wedding would have to be moved indoors. But they were delighted when it turned into a beautiful afternoon as everyone had told them always happens in Bermuda. Anna left the salon and returned to her room to find music playing and post it notes all over the suite that read "I Do".
Laurie spent the day riding his scooter around the island taking photos and still arrived at Stonehole Bay an hour and a half before Anna.
I have never seen a groom so over the moon at seeing his bride. As she came around the corner Laurie jumped up and down, held his hands up and kept saying "Wow!" It was as if he'd just won the lottery - and he has... Anna is gorgeous and seeing them together you can tell they really have made each others' dreams come true... I wish you both eternal happiness and hope that you had a truly wonderful time in Bermuda.


  1. Thanks for sharing such happy photos. Congratulations & much love to Anna & Laurie. Can't wait to see you. Pat & Roger

  2. Lorne and Theresa and tout le gang28 October 2010 at 14:49

    Joyful! Joyful! Anna and Laurie, your joy is contagious!

    Deepest, widest and highest love from all of us at the White House!

  3. You clean up great my friend and you wife looks stunning. Very happy for you both and your pictures made me reflect on my wedding day. Made me smile. All the best to you both.

    Devin Elkin

  4. Wow! Those pictures are amazing. The love and joy radiates from both of you. Thank you for sharing them with us. We wish all your dreams fulfilled. Love Sher, Kerr and Dallas

  5. I never get tired of looking at these. Showed everyone in my office!! I love the bare feet, the big smiles and those hands in the air are all you, Laur. xo


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