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Friday 3 June 2011

Sarah & Jeff: Bermuda Wedding

This island being such a tiny dot makes weather prediction almost impossible... no make that totally impossible. Sarah and Jeff had planned their wedding to be outside; with the ceremony in the Tucker's Point Hotel courtyard and the reception by the pool at the Beach Club. However, Mother Nature was not sure this was the best idea. It was showery, then sunny, then blustery, then sunny again. Sarah was taking it all in stride until she was told that everything was to be inside. Her dream of a sunny Bermuda wedding was taken away. Many a call ensued trying to decide exactly what to do. And it was not until ten minutes before the ceremony that it was decided that the ceremony would in fact take place as originally planned outside in the courtyard. And then Sarah was a happy girl. She walked down the aisle to her smiling groom and they exchanged their vows under a sunny and stormy sky. There was a little sprinkle, but nothing was going to stop these two from marrying outside in Bermuda. Thank you for the pleasure of being a part of your wedding, it really was a beautiful afternoon...

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