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Friday, 7 October 2011

JT and Alexandra are Engaged!

They met about five years ago; JT interviewed Alexandra for a job. She got the job, but it took two years for JT to pluck up the courage to share his sentiments as he did not want to seem unprofessional. For several months they kept their relationship a secret at the office but decided when things were serious between them that they no longer wanted to hide. One by one, JT called his colleagues into a meeting room to tell them. Some feared they were being fired and others thought JT was quitting, so they were delighted to learn what the news really was.
They now live together on JT's 100 year old Dutch barge that is moored on the Thames in Chelsea. Storage space is tight on the boat so Alexandra had to get rid of lots of her clothes, shoes and handbags to fit everything on board - so it must be true love!
JT says that the wedding is planned for next June in London; they are lining up guests from all over the world to wear Bermuda shorts and dance to "Dollar Wine".

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