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Friday 10 February 2012

Bermuda Festival of the Performing Arts 2012

Each winter the Bermuda Festival of the Performing Arts deliver a wonderful schedule of music, dance and theatre performances. While here, many of the visiting artistes participate in the Festival's outreach programme. School students are invited to come to the theatre and learn about the performers. They watch them in action, they hear about how the artistes began their careers, how much they practice, where they are from and where they have been and are they are invited up on stage to take part. They learn to improvise, to dance, and to pluck and strum the double base. Watching their faces marvel at what they are seeing is priceless. It is the Festival's goal to inspire them in the hope that the students leave excited about what they have seen. Last year, they asked the students to go off and create something keeping in mind what they had seen. To write a poem, to draw or paint a picture, or to compose something. The exhibition of these creations is currently up at The Bermuda Society of Arts in the City Hall. The gallery is open from 10-4 Monday-Friday and 10-2 on Saturday. And there is live entertainment in the gallery this evening at 7pm before the performance of Proof in the main theatre at 8pm.

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