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Tuesday 12 March 2013

Christie & Robert: Bermuda Wedding

Christi is a jeweller, so Rob thought that she would want to be involved in choosing her engagement and wedding rings. But he did not want to propose without giving her something. So Rob came up with the perfect solution. He made a temporary one from braided copper wire and a nut from their local hardware store.  Christie did eventually make her ring - and Rob's too, which was designed to look like a piston as Rob is a mechanic and loves cars. She also made necklaces for her nieces Arabella and Willow with their initials. 
They chose March 2nd as it was the fifth anniversary of the day they met. And decided on Bermuda as it was the first place they had travelled to together. 
Thank you both for a lovely afternoon, it was a pleasure to capture your laughter and your love...

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