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Thursday 29 August 2013

Torrential Rain and Serendipity

Let's paint the scene... Trafalgar Square on Canada Day, in the crowd are two Canadians wearing red. They meet and sparks fly. They spent an amazing afternoon together and two days later they went on their first date. Three dates later they went to Hyatt Park and lay in the grass together. This was the day that Adam knew he wanted to marry Natalie. On an old envelope he wrote "I will marry Natalie 23 August 2009." A year later they moved to a flat near Baker Street and began their life together filled with laughter, friends, food, drink, art, business, travel, weddings, family, and most importantly a lot of love. A year after that, to their families' delight, they moved back to Toronto. 
They went back to London for the Olympics and Adam proposed in the rose garden at Regent's Park. Natalie said yes, of course and they spent the day celebrating with friends and family and lots of Champagne. 
With friends and family scattered all over the place, they thought it would be difficult to decide where to get married. But when the Wardman's offered their garden in Bermuda for the wedding ceremony, they were over the moon. The generosity and love from their friends in Bermuda have made the island an extremely special place for Adam and Natalie. 
Clouds were looming overhead, but they went ahead with the ceremony in the garden. And it was not until after the minister had declared them husband and wife that the raindrops started to fall. Slowly at first, but then the heavens opened and it seemed like all the rain that had not fallen in the last six weeks came that day. They rushed off to the reception in a horse and carriage and I met them there. With our plans of beach photographs thwarted, we headed for the dining room. Not my first choice, but with the torrential rain there were not many options. But it really did not matter; Adam and Natalie were married, they were together and they are in love, so no amount of rain could dampen their joy. Thank you both for being so unfazed by the weather. It was an honour to capture your lovely wedding and adoration for each other.

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