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Friday 18 October 2013

Cowboys & Angels

"Hello, can I ask your name?" James asked. "Today or yesterday?" she replied. "Yesterday." He said. "Susan, but today it's Lisa." "What will it be tomorrow? James continued. "Colleen." And that's how it began. 
Two years later they went to a reggae wine festival at their favourite vineyard. During a break between bands Cowboys and Angels by Dustin Lynch started playing. Colleen thought it odd that a country song would be playing at a reggae concert. Her friends led her towards the stage where she found James waiting patiently in his dress blues. James proposed, Colleen wept and the thousands of spectators cheered.
"She is beautiful with long legs and a wonderful smile. From first sight to this day she captures my heart and puts a smile on my face every minute I think of her. She is my Angel. It is in her beliefs, in her tattoo and on the license plate of her corvette. I chose to be her cowboy as I grew up riding horses and working on a farm and I keep a cowboy hat on the dash of my truck. When I first heard the song Cowboys and Angels, I knew that song was meant for us." I designed our wedding rings around us. Colleen's ring has two pear shaped diamonds wrapped in white gold angel wings that meet in the shape of a heart and a larger centre diamond as the halo. My ring is white gold with a cowboy hat, boots and crossed pistols each separated by the same angel wings as Colleen's ring. I will always be her Cowboy and she will always be my Angel. I could never imagine being connected to anyone as I am to her. We are not only husband and wife, but best friends, lovers and partners in crime."
Thank you both for a wonderful afternoon, your joy was infectious and a pleasure to photograph...

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