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Sunday 3 November 2013

Reading My Journal...

I have spent the morning looking back through my journal. It is unlike most journals I think, in that rather than telling the tale of my life through my daily comings and goings, I fill it with quotes from the books I have read. 
I'll share these here from time to time and if you have any particular passages that have moved you, sent me a note, I'd love to read those too.

This one is from "Giraffe" by J.M. Ledgard. Page 38 
7 June 2011 at 10.17pm...

"I most often frame the way light strikes objects or landscapes. People are harder to frame. They meet my eye when I stare at them and cause me to turn away. If I frame a person, it is fleeting, when he or she is unaware, caught at a strange angle, or in repose. Animals are easier. They move more predictably. I know this because the Prague Zoo is just down there, on the far bank of the Vltava. I can see the cages strung along the riverbank. When the floods came, they carried off a Persian leopard which miraculously made it, bedraggled, to the shore downstream, where it prowled the flooded meadows for months afterward. On clear mornings I can frame the sea lions parting the waters of their kidney-shaped pool. but it is too dark now to make out the sea lions or to discern the whiteness of the polar bear, it is too dark even to see the tiger burning bright."

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