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Sunday, 4 May 2014

Vanessa & Sebastien are Expecting

In a few weeks, Vanessa and Sebastien will be parents. I was honoured to photograph the two of them and Vanessa's bump a few weeks ago. They are both enthusiastic about cross fit, se we started the shoot at their gym. Thank you both for a fun afternoon...

"We both arrived on the island, around the same time, about 5 years ago but did not know each other then. We left our previous lives a little bit in the same way, without making too much plans about where we were going and dreaming about a tropical island lifestyle as we both enjoy outdoor sports, good weather and spending team on the beach!
We met just a few months after we had arrived through common friends and started dating almost immediately, on that first week end we met. We really enjoyed each other’s company and shared many common interests and values. Actually Vanessa later admitted she was looking for a kitesurfer so when she heard that I was learning the sport, it got me a lot of brownie points!
We both love Bermuda and have embraced the amazing lifestyle the island has to offer: volleyball Seb), kitesurf, crossfit, running races (Vanessa), triathlon (by team), bbq with friends, bonfires and Friday happy hours… We also enjoy our jobs, careers and colleagues, which is what got us here in the first place...
We are profoundly grateful for the opportunity that was given to us to live on this paradise island. But our families are missing. Vanessa is from Brazil and I am from France which means we will never be able to live close to everyone. Even travelling to spend time with our parents is quite a challenge given the distance! However our love for each other has brought us to the next step, starting our own family. We are so excited about bringing up our little girl and sharing with her the beauty and challenges of life.
A couple of thoughts about the photo shoot:
We had a couple of crazy ideas and wanted to capture some of the originality of our lives, we did not know how to make it work however and we really appreciated your creativity around it. It was a very enjoyable moment."

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