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Monday 23 June 2014

Happy Birthday Mikayla

When Katy asked Mikayla what she'd like for her birthday, she said that had seen Tristan's Lumiere Portrait and that she too would love a portrait session. 
Mikayla and Katy came to see the photographs yesterday. I adore the shooting and editing, but this is my favourite part. I love seeing the joy, the surprise and sometimes, the tears. It is always hard for mothers to see their baby girls growing up so fast. And I think this is what Katy felt - a mix of emotions - she beamed at seeing her daughter look so beautiful but there was a little fear too about how quickly she is growing up. Mikayla's smile was pretty big too. I'm so glad that she loves her birthday present!

Vernon at Strands did a fabulous job with hair and make-up. And this Uno de 50 necklace was a gift. I have tried to wear it a few times but have not had the perfect outing or frock. But I think it is divine with this blue velvet.

Mikayla is a swimmer and had her team name drawn on her arm. At first she tried to hide it, but I thought it was a lovely way to incorporate something that is meaningful to her into her shoot.

A few months ago a beautiful, little orange boat appeared at the end of my road. I knocked on my neighbour's door and asked if I might be able to borrow the boat for a shoot. He said yes. So for three months I had been planning a shoot around this wee boat. When Katy booked Mikayla's Lumiere session, I thought the boat would be perfect for her. My mother helped me make the sail from Designer's Guild fabric and the buoy I had found on my beach. The day before the shoot I returned home to find the boat orange was gone!!! 
So, on the day of the shoot I had to build a boat... Again my mother came to the rescue and we built and painted this wee thing. I highly doubt it would be sea-worthy, but in the field I think it is perfect. And now, I believe things actually do work out the way they are supposed to. I love this little blue boat. It was far easier to move and is much better with the sail than the orange boat would have been.
 A little Photoshop et voila we are at sea...
Alexandra Mosher kindly volunteered to assist as the mast was a bit wobbly. And goodness me my feet were so filthy after traipsing back and forth through the field.

It started to sprinkle, but luckily it was the tiniest of showers and we were able to keep shooting.
And again before and after. I am really enjoying creating these composites. These adorable fish are made by Carla Marquardt. Their bodies are Bermuda cedar and their fins are sculpted from copper from the roof of the Anglican Cathedral. She has all sorts of other goodies too - you can visit her at Harbour Nights every Wednesday.
Thank you Mikayla for a wonderful afternoon! I do hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

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