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Sunday 21 September 2014

Janique and Chris: Bermuda Wedding

"We had an incredible time in Bermuda. This was our second visit and I am sure we will return again soon. I had been a little anxious about the wedding as everything was done through email; but in the end it was perfect. No stress and a beautiful location. After you left, my friends from the island asked how I was able to get you as a photographer as they knew of your work. They said I was unbelievably lucky. As soon as we got home, I googled your blog and have been admiring your beautiful work. When we come back with our family, I am hoping to have you take more photographs.

We were so thankful that the weather cooperated and were treated to the most spectacular rainbow at dinner. Did you see it? Everyone at the restaurant stood up and gathered on the beach to take it in."
I did see that extraordinary rainbow... it was the perfect end to a wonderful day. It was an honour to photograph your lovely wedding. That tiny break in the wet, stormy day really was incredibly lucky. Thank you for a fun afternoon. I hope you had a fabulous holiday here.

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