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Monday 9 February 2015

The Schubert Ensemble

I stopped by City Hall today to watch the Outreach Programme by The Schubert Ensemble. They played a few pieces from their repertoire and chatted to the students about the music and their careers. I have attended about thirty of these events over the last few years and I find it interesting that children always ask how old the artists were when they started playing, acting, singing or dancing. It is such a simple question, but when the answers are generally between seven to ten, the students can relate. That tends to be the age they are now, so the timing of these outreach programmes are perfect. They come at the very moment a child is ready to discover a talent and begin to want to nurture it.
The music was beautiful and as described by the quartet today, it is like a conversation between their instruments. And their movements show this too; they sway to and from each other moved by the sound and the emotion of the composition.
There are a few tickets left - I think it will be beautiful...

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