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Saturday 6 June 2015

The Cooks at the Beach

"It was a great day, but the phrase never work with children and animals springs to mind. Ruby was so wonderful during first shoot, but how a few months can have a big difference in a toddlers world. She wasn't so accommodating this time. And Holly has a habit of frowning as soon as a camera is pointing her way!  I just hope there is a smile or two in there as she has an amazing giggle and grin when she feels like it.
Afterwards we loved just playing on the beach watching the longtails fly in and out of a nest very close to us - they were not scared at all!"

Thank you for a lovely morning, your family was wonderful! Ruby was perhaps not quite as cooperative this time, but she was adorable and luckily I can press the shutter extremely quickly to capture her fabulous smiles! 

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