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Thursday, 1 December 2016

Chris and Kristen's Bermuda Wedding

"Chris and I met in New York City and started dating in 2012. We worked together for a short period of time but in that time quickly realized how compatible we are together. And what a bad idea it was to work together :) What started as drinks at a local bar turned into the greatest love of my life. Chris is the calm to my crazy, my rock, my love and my best friend."

Thank you both for the honour of being a part of your beautiful wedding!
"Chris is an only child and the son of two wonderful parents Donna and Pat. I am the  the youngest of four children and the daughter to two amazing parents Patricia and Mike. I was very close with my dad, but unfortunately he passed away 6 years ago and never got to meet Chris, but I have no doubt he would be thrilled to have such an incredible son in law and someone who is incredibly kind and loving to his youngest daughter. I am a handful, trust me! Being the youngest of four – there is always a good dose of chaos at family functions. 3 siblings, 3 in-laws and nine nieces and nephews make for a good time. Though Chris did not have siblings or nieces and nephews, he was immediately welcomed into the family and it is hard to remember when he wasn’t a part of the Rooney/Keaney (and now McHugh) clan.

"We both really wanted our wedding to be a celebration with friends and family and to bring together the people we love in a place that we love. Chris and I travel a lot (mostly for my work) and immediately fell in love with Bermuda, the people and the place. We loved the idea of bringing together our friends and family over multiple days to get to know each other, relax and celebrate. We got married in St Michael’s Church as it is my fathers name and chose Tuckers Point because it is one of the most fabulous places we have ever been! The setting is gorgeous and the staff is incredible. Not a bad place to come a few times for wedding planning! My parents actually went to Bermuda on their honeymoon so that helped seal the deal as well :)
We had our rehearsal dinner at Elbow Beach, a welcome party at the beach at Tuckers Point and of course the wedding at St Michaels and reception at Tuckers. Chris’ parents hosted the rehearsal dinner and my mom hosted a brunch at Tucker’s on Sunday. All was amazing!  The band and DJ had us dancing the night away, and the dinner and drinks were amazing!
Our wedding was everything we hoped it would be and we are so grateful our friends and family came to Bermuda to celebrate with us!! "

"Chris and I are very close with our friends – from growing up, college and New York. We absolutely love spending time with the people we adore and it was a great opportunity to bring everyone together to an incredible place."

For our wedding party, it was really important for us to have our family included – from our parents to our Aunts to siblings, friends and all 9 nieces and nephew ranging from age 15 to 4.

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