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Monday 30 October 2017

Megan and Ricky's Bermuda Wedding

"Ricky and I met about seven years ago though friends. Our relationship started off as just a friendship, but love is funny. It disguised itself as friendship and over the years it slowly grew with each look or silly text until it was obvious we were completely and totally in love. At the time, Ricky was living in NY, so we would take countless five hour bus trips back and forth to see each other whenever we could, even it was just for a day. Three years later on a random Tuesday night, Ricky proposed in our kitchen!
I had always wanted to go to Bermuda.. My parents had their honeymoon on the island 40 years ago and I grew up hearing stories of how magical and beautiful it was. And Ricky's father lived in Devonshire as a child, so over the years its been a special place for his family to go back  to and make many wonderful memories.  When we got engaged, it didn’t take long to decide that we wanted a small, intimate wedding in Bermuda while standing on a pink sand beach with the turquoise water as our backdrop and our families by our side. Ricky and I got married on a pink sand beach, just like I had imagined. It was simple, honest and perfect. On our wedding day, surrounded by our loved ones and the beauty of the island, the world seemed to fade away as we pledged our love and made our promises to each other. We became the only two people in the world in that moment. There was a magic in the air that I will never forget. Bermuda forever holds a special place in our hearts now. I know we will be back, I already can't wait for the next adventure and to see where our story goes from here."

The wind was wonderful and I loved photographing your veil as it danced in time with each gust. And the way you both absolutely beam when you look at each other made me melt! Thank you both for a lovely afternoon. 

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