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Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Chris & Susannah's Bermuda Wedding

"We live in Philadelphia, PA and got engaged on Christmas Morning 2016. After taking some time to enjoy our engagement, we began to think about the wedding. We both agreed that we wanted something intimate that was a true reflection of each of us, surrounded by family and friends, and something outside the box. The idea of a wedding in Bermuda came to us early, and we just couldn't shake it. As a young child my family would visit Horizons Cottages each year and Bermuda was always an important place to me. My siblings and I have special memories of spending long days on the Bermuda beaches building drip-castles with our grandfather Bubba. Chris also visited Bermuda often with his family and has wonderful memories of adventures on the water and on land with his cousins. We made a trip in February to see if the idea of a Bermuda wedding could be a reality. And while the weather was cool and the sky was grey, we spent the entire weekend thinking, "Why would we do this anywhere else, this feels so comfortable and so right." So, we asked our families and friends to join us on the island to celebrate. 
What unfolded was unlike anything we could have dreamt of. While the weather forecast was touch and go with the threat of hurricanes looming, it was clear skies for our wedding weekend as our loved ones all traveled to the island for our celebration. Our favorite part of the weekend was to see the people we care about most kick back, relax, and be on vacation, Bermuda style. And... during the reception our band Working Title played "Purple Rain."
Thank you for such a fun afternoon. I am so glad you all had such a wonderful weekend and an amazing wedding! It was a pleasure to capture the festivities for you!

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