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Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Carianne and Robert's Bermuda Wedding

"Rob and I met on October 25th, 2014.  He sat across from me on our first date at Burrito Bar asking me all of those awkward trying to get to know you questions. It was noisy and the table was sticky. Our table was in a high traffic spot so drunk people walking by would make it wobble. I know today that he was wearing his favorite green shirt. Looking at him I had a strange feeling. Do I know him? Me must have met before... through a friend of a friend or something? Imagine deja vu but x 100. The feeling was that even though I didn’t know him at the time, I would know him well one day. I took out my phone and texted my mom “Be home soon. I think I met my future husband.” 
The next two years were easy. Rob is truly the most supportive and loving person. He puts the people he loves first and I’m lucky enough to be at the top of his list. One of our favorite date spots was, and always will be, the Staten Island zoo. He knows I particularly love the otters who hold hands while they sleep. He proposed to me in front of their tank with a sign inside. 
Right after we got engaged people constantly asked when our date was. I had never been engaged and wanted to relax and enjoy it for a long time. I had anxiety about the wedding. It sounded like torture to me to walk around in a big dress for hours talking to guests. I could barely even imagine it without pushing it out of my head and focusing on something else. What was wrong with me? Why wasn’t I excited anymore? I told Rob about this. I didn’t know what could be done. Elopement was out of the question. When I was a little girl I promised me parents I wouldn’t. 
We chose Bermuda obviously because of its beauty. I saw a picture of the unfinished church on Pinterest and all of a sudden I was excited about this again! Rob agreed that it was the perfect location. A destination would also ensure a smaller guest list and a lighter dress! I loved this idea."
Thank you both for a wonderful afternoon - and for being troopers when the heavens opened! despite the brief shower, I think your wedding was perfect!

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