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Tuesday 23 November 2021

Verdigris - An exhibition of paintings

It has been a crazy year for us all - I managed to find some peace in my garden planting vegetables and joy in playing with paint.

After creating several pieces I was fairly pleased with, I decided to have a show. For four months, I painted almost every day. The house was completely taken over by rolls of linen canvas, brushes, tubes and bottles of paint, and gold, silver and copper leaf.

I am not a natural painter, so I struggle with every canvas. It is a bumpy ride of anticipation and joy, followed by self-doubt, loathing of the piece and the process, then, I persevere and eventually I finish when I am pleased. Every single painting takes at least twice as long as I think it will!

The pieces were exhibited at The Bermuda Society of Arts from 26 November until 13 January. There were five other women artists showing at the same time. It was an honour to be a part of such an incredible show.

Some of the pieces are still available - if you are interested and would like to see them in person, let me know...

Crimson Pepper Pod 35x70 $3200

Pôhpukun  18x26 $685                                           Persophone's Orb (SOLD) 

Indigo Song 24x36 $1850

Dusk Dawn 33x27 $2600ea - (SOLD)

Dors ma Belle 38x22 $595

Mondrian's Mum 22x34 $595

Helen & Paris 18x24 $585 or $320ea

Coral Charm 37x57 $1750

Verdigris 28x71 $3300

The Sea 41x57 $3400

Pterophyta Gold 10x20 $325 ( SOLD)                            Pterophyta Green 10x20 $325

Ocelli 34x38 $1800 

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