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Wednesday 4 November 2009

Bermuda Wedding: Natalie and Keith

The weather this summer has been very odd - such a mix of glorious sunny days and days with awful, torrential downpours. Sadly Natalie and Keith got the latter. It was so bad that I literally sat in the car and seriously thought to myself how I could disappear and not have to shoot in the pouring rain. The ceremony was supposed to take place at Stonehole Bay, but was moved to Christ Church. We had then planned to shoot on the church steps and in the surrounding gardens. But it was raining so hard that we had to return to the Southampton Princess Hotel to find some spots indoors. Luckily however, it did let up ever so briefly and we were able to shoot the group on the lawn at the hotel's entrance. And we even managed to head down to the beach for a few... The day before was beautiful and the following day was also lovely, so although the wedding day was wet and windy, their friends and family did at least get to enjoy Bermuda's sunshine. Despite the rain I really enjoyed shooting your wedding - you are adorable together and genuine love and tenderness is really what makes wonderful photographs...

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