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Wednesday 9 December 2009

The Gorman Family

I have photographed the Gorman's several times over the years and as with many of my clients it is so amazing to see how much their kids have grown up. Ashling was wearing the most lovely dress - the peacock pattern on her skirt enhancing her beautiful blue eyes. And as a huge fan of anything green, I just loved Gail's blouse. Thank you all for a wonderful shoot...

At the edge of the beach there is normally a wonderfully lush hedge of baby casuarina trees which makes for a divine saturated green backdrop. This time, however, it had been damaged by Hurricane Ida and was mostly dead. I was not impressed, but with the colours of their clothing, it actually worked, partcularly Aiden's shirt.

I caught this shot of Rory and Aiden as they were watching me shoot Gail and Ashling.

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