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Monday 1 February 2010

Afternoon at the Aquarium

My sister photographed a wedding at the Aquarium a few weeks ago and she showed me a shot she'd taken of the couple in front of the Northrock tank - but it somehow looked as though the fish were in front of them swimming towards them. It is one of the coolest wedding pictures ever! A few days later, the Aquarium contacted me to ask if they could carry my fine art note cards in their gift shop. I happily agreed and inspired by said wedding pic, asked if I could take some photographs of the fish with a view to perhaps doing a line of cards specially for the Aquarium. They thought that would be a lovely idea. So... I spent Thursday afternoon in awe of all the magical sparkle of scales and the graceful way fish speed through the water or remain completely still and just sway gently with the motion of the bubbles. The Aquarium was established in 1926 originally as a tourist attraction, but has since broadened to include environmental research, education and conservation.
Here are a few of my favourites...

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