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Wednesday 28 April 2010

The Birds, the Bees and a Canon: Bermuda Photographers

I meandered through the tranquil alleys, accompanied by bees buzzing from flower to flower and the birds singing their solos. And then... the blast of a canon! I had meant to spend Monday afternoon photographing The National Trust gardens in St George's, however inclement weather delayed my journey. So I ventured East on Wednesday instead, only to find the town in preparations for the Peppercorn Ceremony. The first ceremony was held in 1816 when Government moved from the town of St George to the city of Hamilton. The State House, where meetings of Her Majesty's Council and other official functions had been held, was granted to the Corporation of St George at the annual rent of one peppercorn. The ceremony is held on the most suitable day nearest to 23rd April which is St Georges Day - in honour of the patron saint whose name the town bears.

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