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Tuesday 20 April 2010

The Lovely Lexi

The roses this year are simply spectacular. It might have something to do with how awful the winter has been. With everything having been so bare for the last four months it now seems there are more blooms than ever. Every field, roadside and garden are bursting with colour. Even the weeds in my parking area have beautiful little yellow blossoms.
So this is Lexi - I photographed her family over the weekend and she was the perfect little model. At first she was a little worried about the thorns I was suggesting she put behind her ear. But I promised this perfect bloom was thorn free... Lexi you are just lovely...

For months my sister Sacha has been encouraging me to enter the weekly I heart faces photo contests. Well this week I finally did...


  1. I love your photography! Great photos here!!

  2. Lovely. The colors are luscious; the composition is wonderful. Beautiful collage.

  3. GORGEOUS!!! Good entry. Love the simplicity of your collage. VERY NICE!! Good luck!


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