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Tuesday 15 June 2010

Baby Milo

Priscillia and Alex have booked a series of three mini sessions. The first of Priscillia's belly in March, here Milo at one month and we will do the third in November. They live in a lovely cottage right by the sea and the sunlit casuarina trees across the little bay provide a wonderful soft green background. I normally like to shoot newborns in their first two weeks as their slumber is much deeper and you can put them down and not wake them. But as the family was away, we had to wait until Milo was four weeks old. He did sleep a little, but the one good thing about beig a litle older is they are a wee bit plumper. Milo's hands and feet were still so tiny, but not as thin and wrinkled as in the first weeks. Thank you again for the pleasure of capturing your beautiful family... I look forward to watching Theo and Milo grow...

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