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Sunday 27 June 2010

In the Water

As I stood looking over the dock edge, a sailor approached me and asked what I was looking at. I looked down at the water, then back at him and smiled. He looked again and then back at me with a puzzled look. "The reflections." I said "Don't you see them." He said he though I was looking for fish. I am always amazed how differently people see. I was mesmerised by the movement of the reflections, the incredible patterns created by the flags, the hulls and the brightly coloured sail bags and he was looking for a fish. The Newport to Bermuda Race was last week and there were over 80 yachts docked at the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club with the overflow across the harbour at the Dinghy Club. I spent hours there, shooting and enjoying the wonderful sound of the flags flapping and the hulls splashing. Here are a few of my favourite images...

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