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Wednesday 25 May 2011

Layla and Gary

Layla and Gary had an absolutely beautiful wedding at Tucker's Point. The weather was perfect, the bride was stunning and oh so happy, the groom handsome and charming and all the details exquisite. As the photography was important to them, they asked three of us to shoot together. My sister Sacha photographed the girls getting ready, their portraits and then all the group and couple portraits, I was with Gary beforehand, shot all the details, and a few during cocktails, we photographed the ceremony together and Alex Masters was responsible for the reception. We have worked together like this before and it really does work wonderfully and enables each of us to spend plenty of time shooting our specific part. We thought it would be lovely for all the photos to be posted on the same day, so have a peek at Alex and Sacha's sites to see more from the wedding. 
Thank you both so much for the honour of being part of your day, it was truly a magnificent wedding!

Their rings were from Manfredi Jewellers in Greenwich Connecicut. While I was shooting the rings on Layla's balcony, Sacha was shooting the girls. Down below at the pool some of their friends were saying how great they all looked from there, so I quickly went around to get the different perspective, another luxury with having more than one photographer...

Their reception was set up in the hotel ballroom, it was just beautiful with all white linens, candles and orchids. Layla is an artist and had painted tiny paintings on easels for the table numbers, and each guest was given an ocean scented candle inscribed with their names and the wedding date. For their dessert cart, Layla had a produce cart made as throughout college, Gary spent his summers selling fruit and vegetables and has said it was one of the best experiences he's ever had and laid for him a wonderful foundation for his current position as a hedge fund trader. Alex Masters came to photograph the reception; he is the perfect fly on the wall as his photographs can attest.

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  1. Simply magical. And you've perfected the heart swirl! So much prettier in amber mauve and blue light than the Epic. :-)


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