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Wednesday 3 August 2011

Donna & Joe: Bermuda Wedding

Donna had always wanted to get married on the beach and Joe wanted to elope to avoid the stress of a big wedding. So when some friends invited them to come to Bermuda on a cruise over July 4th, they decided that was the universe throwing the perfect wedding solution in their laps. Donna is also a huge fan of fireworks, so now she can enjoy fireworks each year on their wedding anniversary. They found Nikki at Bermuda Bride online who arranged all the details et voila, the wedding they had imagined happened. Donna adores daisies and calls them the happy little flower, so she thought it was funny as that is just what I said about them when we first met before the ceremony. And the daisy dress was a perfect compliment to her happy bouquet and her beautiful happy smile. I have never seen a bride beam quite the like Donna, and it was no surprise to see Joe beaming too. These two really were just adorable together, it was truly touching and their happiness was infectious. Thank you both for a happy morning...


  1. Made me get teary eyed! I am so happy for both of you. This photography is amazing and you both look so beautiful/handsome and most important, HAPPY!!! Congratulations!

  2. Donna and Joe,
    Congrats again on your picture perfect wedding! We love these photos and are looking forward to seeing them all! See you soon
    Terri and Emidio


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