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Friday 2 September 2011

Anna & James: Bermuda Wedding

My beautiful friend Anna got married a few weeks ago... and I was a guest. It was so exciting to actually see a wedding and not view it through a lens. Though I did take a few photos at the beginning, it really was wonderful to just watch. To see them exchange their vows, to see their faces, the small gestures, the smiles and the pure joy. I had taken some engagement photos for them in London in the spring, to get Anna used to kissing and cuddling in front of the camera. Alex Masters was their photographer, and it was interesting to watch him too. Even though we work together often, I obviously never really see him either as I am so focussed on my own shooting.
So Anna... thank you so much for being my friend, it has been amazing to see you so happy, and to be a part of it has made me happy. And James, thank you for making my friend the happiest I have ever seen her... xoxo

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