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Friday 16 September 2011

Amanda & Chris: Bermuda Wedding

The day was filled with drama... but in the end it was all perfect. One of the bridesmaids was to meet them in the lobby, but in the frenzy to get off the ship, she was left behind. So they went through the endless customs queue, re-boarded the boat, split up to search for her and lo and behold she was in the lobby as planned. The journey to the ceremony was tear-filled for everyone... the bridesmaids were all teary, Amanda's mother had been emotional all week, then Amanda realised she had left her engagement ring behind which set her off too. Then, with the whole bus in tears, their driver started as well. Finally Amanda's mother managed to pull it together and get everyone to stop... They arrived at Warwick Long Bay to a happy group of family and friends and a groom that was just beaming. So all was right with the world, the ceremony went off without a hitch - or a tear - and Amanda and Chris strolled down the beach side by side as husband and wife. Thank you all for a beautiful evening, you are absolutely adorable together...

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