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Tuesday 22 November 2011

Tim & Claire: Bermuda Wedding

I was a guest!!! It was so wonderful to be at a wedding and to just watch - to really see the bride and groom smile at each other, to make their promise and to seal it with a kiss. As much as I adore shooting, it is different to see what is happening without peripheral vision being obstructed. Although, having said that, I did bring my camera - and I did take a few photos. I could not help myself. It was so lovely to spend a few moments alone with Tim and Claire and to give them that time to be with each other away from their guests. Thank you both for the most amazing day; your wedding was absolutely beautiful and I am so happy for you both. xoxo

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  1. I remember when we first got engaged and Tim and I thought long and hard about all the special people that are in our lives and how we could put together a day/week that would mean we could celebrate friendships, family and love. That being said we also have very talented friends!

    Sooo we specifically wanted to sit down with Amanda to address the “friend who has immense talent and is our first pic for photographer but want her to be 100% present as a guest” and so we did, all those months ago, and she genuinely understood our dilemma and respected our wishes.

    Amanda, looking up and seeing you all there, smiling, laughing, supporting and loving us on our day that we asked you to bless our marriage is an image in my mind that I will always treasure. Then you whisked us away from the wind and the glare enabling us some ‘stolen’ moments and time together.... Being such an old and dear friend, Tim was so at ease with you and your spontaneous idea - it felt like just us hanging out with you.

    Thank you for being you Amanda and for capturing those moments that we hold so dear in our hearts and minds. What you have done, as only Amanda can, is now something that we will treasure and re-visit not only in our memories but now with beautiful images. It was such a joy for us to see you so happy, relaxed and beautiful.

    All our love
    -Claire and Tim xxxxxxxxxxx


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