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Monday, 21 May 2012

Love at First Handshake

They met at a college party in 2004. They like to say it was "love at first handshake" as Keri thought it was too soon to give Mike a goodnight hug or kiss. They started dating shortly thereafter and have been happy hugging and kissing ever since. They decided upon a cruise so they could combine their wedding and honeymoon and were relieved that the weather was so beautiful when they arrived, having heard there had been torrential rain the day before.
With their family and a few close friends by their side, they exchanged their vows barefoot in the sand. After the ceremony they frolicked in the surf, gobbled a cupcake or two and sipped champagne. Thank you both for such a lovely morning; it was a pleasure to meet you, your happiness was infectious and you were such a joy to photograph. I hope you had a wonderful time here and a smooth sail home...

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