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Friday 25 January 2013

Looking Back... Looking Forward...

I spend the winters reflecting... today it is particularly chilly. I am bundled up in fleece, the heat is on, Enzo is snoozing on my desk and Saturday is on the arm of my chair. Each year, I take time to have a look back at the past year and remember all the amazing people I met and had the honour of photographing. They come to me to share their joy. Their weddings, their pregnancies, their babies, their growing families. The laughter, the tears, the excitement, the tenderness - but most of all the love. This is what makes me happy, I am a part of this happiness, and I am able to give them these memories to hold on to, to cherish and to pass on. I am enjoying the winter so far, looking back through all the images of 2012, and to looking forward to a wonderful 2013. Here are a few of my favourites from last year...

 A bride will have tried on her dress umptine times before her wedding day, but there is something absolutely magical about this time - the anticipation this time is different than all the others... this time her love will see her...

 I tend to shoot newborn sessions within the first two weeks, they are oh so tiny - and generally their slumber is heavier -Miguel however had no intention of sleeping at all and was enjoying his mummy's Eskimo kisses 

 The beach at Tucker's Point is stunning. I photograph many weddings there, but somehow the beach is always different. The sand is moved by the tide and the light changes with the seasons.  And in the image below, the mist was created by the salt in the air as a hurricane was due to hit three days later. Luckily it veered off, so we were spared.

I photographed Anne and Ravi's wedding many years ago - fifteen I think. I photographed them with their children a couple years ago and this time they came with Anne's whole family.  It is wonderful to see families grow and children change.

 The dock at Grotto Bay at sunset 

 In November last year, I moved into a new house. The property is lovely, the garden is filled with so many nooks that are all perfect for photos at different times of day. The grotto at the back of the house is lovely in the mornings.

Flatts Inlet on a grey day. I love the soft muted hues of the sea and the coloured houses across the bay

I photographed Candice and Nick's beautiful wedding. The details were stunning; so when she asked to do a maternity shoot, I knew it would be fabulous. And fabulous it was; she had gathered together so many wonderful props.  

Each May, I shoot the dancers at In Motion. They spend months learning the dances and rehearsing. I take class with them throughout the year, so it is wonderful to see it all come together.

 When children laugh I find it hard not to join them, so it can be a challenge to hold the camera still...

These beautiful women have been friends for years. With two of them leaving the island, they decided to do a shoot on the beach together. 

I have the pleasure of shooting Lola every year. She is totally enamoured with my cat and spends most of our shoots trying to find him.

  The library at Tucker's Point is the perfect spot for the boys to have a celebratory cocktail before heading off. This bunch were particularly jovial, but in a marvelously dignified manner...

Ringing the bell at Holy Trinity Church. The view of Harrington Sound from the front steps is stunning.

And now to look forward... 
I am excited about doing lots of creative shoots in the coming months; and to a wonderful wedding season. And I have been assisting Petals with their website and blog; shooting the fresh flowers that come in each week has brought me immeasurable joy. They are bringing in some stunning varieties of blooms, most of which I have never seen before. I have a solo show at Masterworks in June. Having not had an exhibition of my artwork in three years, it has been a joy to start painting again and to shooting with that show in mind.
All in all, it is looking like 2013 is going to be action-packed and joy-filled!!! 

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