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Tuesday 21 May 2013

Flattening the Flowers

My best friend moved to Zurich almost two years ago. I miss her terribly, but luckily she returns with Chris, Lily and Amelie from time to time and we do skype. Chris and Margo were here in December, but it had been a year since I'd seen the girls. I was amazed how big they were. Amelie who was little more than a toddler is now a little girl and Lily has grown so tall!
We decided on a whim to do a shoot and I suggested this field of flowers. The girls told Margo later that they had such fun picking and throwing the flowers in the air. And Amelie was extremely grateful that the farmer had not caught us smooshing his flowers and reported us to the police. Trespassing really is tempting when such beautiful tiny blooms abound...
Thank you all so much for a wonderful afternoon; I really adored spending time laughing with you all... xoxo

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