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Saturday 11 May 2013

The Tiger's Wife

We met on a flight back from New York. The Tiger's Wife by Téa Obreht lay face down on the seat between us and Jenita asked what I thought about the book. This simple question led to all sorts of deep conversations about life and religion. It is sometimes easier to have these profound conversations with strangers, as one can be completely truthful. On the day of our photo shoot, Jenita asked if I recognised her. She had not mentioned our encounter when she booked the session. I did know her face but was not sure from where. Then she reminded me. We had such a great shoot; Jenita and her husband George are adorable together, and the kids, George Jr, Geor-Dan and G'Zai really made me laugh. The weather was looking a little ify, so we had thought about rescheduling, but it was Jenita's birthday and this shoot was her present, so she was very keen to go ahead. Thank you all for such a wonderful afternoon; it was lovely to see you again - and to meet your wonderful family.

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