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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Jen's Lumiere Portrait

I have known Jen for over 30 years as she was one of my sister's closest friends when we were children. For years I never saw her and then when I started taking ballet at In Motion, Jen was one of my favourite teachers. I have photographed her family a couple times in the last few years, but I think the focus had always been her adorable daughters Sam and Logan. About five months ago I told Jen about the Lumiere sessions and just before I went to Paris, we finally managed to squeeze hers in. I asked Jen why she wanted to do a Lumiere Portrait, and this is what she said... 

"It seems I spend my life in workout gear, between teaching classes in Zumba, Piloxing or Dance, I change into my favourite Lulu attire, sweats or Zumba outfits several times a day, my hair is in the constant messy ponytail or undone bun, and there is no point applying makeup.  My idea of getting dressed up equates to a pair of jeans, a little makeup and maybe some earrings.  Even so, my wonderful hubby, Drew, tells me I am beautiful on a daily basis.  He is never ending with the flattery but I just cannot quite see what he sees. So I decided to get Amanda to do some photos and to get the hair and makeup done for a change. It was wonderful to feel pretty and girly for an afternoon.  My hubby also travels quite frequently and on his last trip he commented he has no pictures of me, plenty of our beautiful girls, but none of me.  So these pictures by Amanda are as much for me as they are for Drew. Amanda has taken gorgeous pics of our girls in the past and I have known her and her sister for years. I hoped she could bring to her photos a little of what it is that brings that wonderful smile and twinkle to my hubby’s eyes.  

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