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Monday 18 August 2014

The Marshall Family

It was a pleasure to photograph the Marshall family again - this time the four from down under were on the island too. Thank you all for a lovely shoot...
"Having the Bermuda, Australians and the Texans all together for the first time in 14 years was an incredible experience. The grandkids had all confessed feelings of nervousness about meeting each other, however the sun, surf and sand (and funny fathers) helped to dissolve everyone's insecurities and get along with a crazy amount of laughter and teasing. Finally getting almost everyone together was such a rush.
As in any family we've got a colorful cast of characters to keep us laughing:
Papa - Who LOVES idioms and speaking with adjectives, but is forever mixing them up.  We fondly call them Stanleyisms.  A few of our favorites are, "Careful water travels over sound, "Crack of midnight," "Stone boiling," and , "Don't worry Sam, there are plenty of fellows in the ocean."  It seemed that after a while we all started doing it.  Stanlyisms evidently don't come with age.  I suppose it is just our bizarre breeding stock.Nanny - the ever diligent meddler with two bad knees that kept us in stiches with her insistence at playing ball, but not being able to move in the water.  At one point Alex added a rule that stated no one was allowed to move their knees so we would match Nanny.  Imagine trying to play volleyball in the water without moving your knees...
Samantha - our resident, "I can't do this!"  Usually said in a state of panic, which we quickly learned to ignore.  She would eventually do it, then, when finished she would follow it up with, "OMG that was awesome!  Let's do it again!"
We packed so much into our visit, from Jet skiing in waves that were so big we went through the waves instead of over them, glass beach, the aquarium, Castle Island, Snorkeling, The Vixen, where a fish somehow managed to slap Sam in the face, and of course photos with Amanda. 
Amanda took great care in making all of us feel comfortable in spite of the fact that we didn't really know each other. Her photos are always a beautiful rendition of each "model" and a creator of such color."

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