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Tuesday 16 December 2014


A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of photographing this wonderful trio. It was pretty chilly, and there was a quick shower, but then there was a glorious rainbow! Thank you all so much for a lovely afternoon. 

From Lola
Life is a wonder. Who knew I would meet the man of my dreams while on a three day holiday in Bermuda. Who could have guessed that 6 years later I would be living in paradise, waking up each morning looking out across the ocean feeling so happy with my life.
Every day I feel blessed when I look at Brad, my amazing and caring son; he has truly given my life a purpose.
The day taking photos with Amanda on the beach outside our house reminded me how grateful I am for all that life has presented to me and my family.

From Bror
Having Lola and Brad in my life is the greatest gift for me. I wanted Lola to have a gift of her own. A birthday present that represented us being “together forever”. I was also looking for a way to acknowledge Lola’s beauty and the beautiful life we have created together. Having Amanda capture this time in our life was the perfect solution. Happy birthday beautiful…

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