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Saturday, 20 December 2014

Nick and Jenna: Bermuda Wedding

"Our first trip to Bermuda was on a cruise ship from our home in Boston. We loved everything about the island and talked about getting married on the island someday. We never imagined that in two short years we would be trading the dunes of Cape Cod for the pink sand beaches of Bermuda and calling the island "home.
Our wedding day was filled with everything we love about our new home - friends, family, church, and the beach. Even the date, 12-13-14, was special. We couldn't be more excited about our future together in Bermuda!"
It was just last weekend that I followed Jenna and Nick along a sandy path. Jenna kept insisting that is was just a bit further until her favourite beach. We had parked at Stonehole, but walked along the dunes to the far end of Horseshoe. Jenna loves flat rock and was very keen to make the trek. So up they climbed. And I have to admit, it was pretty stunning to see them at the top softly lit by the setting sun. So thank you Jenna for your persistence. And thank you Nick for making me smile. In the church as you both listened to the readings I watched you look at the back of Jenna's neck and you smiled. It was a tender smile filled with love and joy and I could tell how much you absolutely adore Jenna. And then later, Jenna smiled that same soft smile as she looked at Nick.
Thank you both for such a lovely afternoon!

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