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Monday, 6 April 2015

Happy Birthday Giada

"Pausing for a moment on a busy day, the melody, "I hear babies cryin'. I watch them grow. They'll learn so much more than I'll ever know. And I think to myself, What a wonderful world" by Louis Armstrong plays in my mind as my husband and I hold onto our daughter, Giada Anjoli's precious tiny hand. Today, we celebrate her first birthday. We are pleased to capture this day with photos that will make this memory everlasting. Reflecting on Giada's growth has been one of our greatest pleasures and to think, she's now one, makes us truly value time. This year has gone by so quickly and yet we have learned so much. Happy birthday to our daughter, Giada."
It was lovely to see you all again - it is amazing how Giada has grown, she is absolutely adorable. Her beautiful curls, gentle, sweet smile, lovely blue dress and fabulous pink cake, all made for such a fun shoot. So thank you for a lovely afternoon. I hope you all had a wonderful party...

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