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Thursday, 16 July 2015

Family of Five

"I was glad to hear that you managed to capture a few good photos... with the clothes not being quite what I wanted and it all coming together pretty last minute, I wasn't too sure we would get anything. 
 I try to get photos done of us all together at roughly around the same time each year. As we hardly ever get any photos of all of us together so it seems like a good thing to do. Grayson is soon to be five, Capri just turned three and Cruz just turned one. My babies are growing and changing before my eyes every day so I want to try and capture each stage of their growth in hopes of preserving the wonderful memories we are sharing every day."

It was lovely to see you and to capture your beautiful family. They are all such characters and it was fun to see them having such fun. Thank you for a wonderful evening.

"Grayson is becoming quite the inquisitive little boy and likes to investigate the world around him in fine detail; it makes for great discussions and I just love listening to how his mind works. He is quite the conversationalist."

"Capri is probably one of the most independent three year olds I know. She knows exactly what she wants and how she wants things to go.  She is my little firecracker but also just so loving and nurturing to her brothers. I always say she is an old soul and has definitely been here before because she is wise well beyond her three years.  We  share a special closeness that I hope will carry on throughout the years."

"Cruz is just a typical 13 month old, self determined and just trying to figure out the world around him.  He's also incredibly cheeky, much like his two older siblings."

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