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Monday 13 July 2015

Chris and Kristina's Bermuda Wedding

It was an absolute dream! Everything was perfect from the moment I arrived at Tucker's Point and saw Kristina beaming the warm smile of a beautiful girl getting ready to marry the one she loves, to saying good by to the newlyweds under the pink light of sunset. 
"I am in such a blur of bliss, joy, excitement, and exhaustion, I don’t really know where to begin. Our wedding was everything we dreamed of and more, and this really was thanks to my incredible parents who were so generous in every aspect to make our fairytale wedding come to life.  This would not have been complete without the 100-plus family members and best friends that traveled to Bermuda to join us, and of course, the most talented, professional and fun wedding planner: Nikki Begg, owner of Bermuda Bride.  Nikki was truly amazing, and  every time I needed anything, she was right there. She relieved a lot of stress that is often associated with weddings.  I must say a HUGE HUGE thank you to Nikki Begg!  She took my vision and love of details and brought everything to life. "

Kristina's stunning gown by designer Mira Zwillinger.

Just before walking down the aisle Kristina has a tender moment with her father. But then, seconds later Kristina was ready. She could see Chris waiting at the front of the Unfinished Church and was eager to be by his side. Nikki carried her train over the threshold and placed it perfectly for the journey.

The Unfinished Church in St George's was constructed when St Peters had been badly damaged by a storm and thought to be beyond repair. However, the necessary repairs were eventually made and so construction of this second church stopped. As a result, we have this incredible roofless structure that has become one of my favourite places to shoot.

It would be so easy to remain entirely focused on the bride and groom, but I love turning and watching others too. Here, I caught a sweet moment between Ginny and Alan as they wait for the their daughter to return with her new husband to make their way back up the aisle together.

The soft first kisses are magical!
Their reception was held at The Coral Beach and Tennis Club. Cocktails were on the Croquet Lawn.

Nikki and her team at Petals worked tirelessly with Kristina to create a truly gorgeous reception. Everything was lovely, carefully thought through, lovingly placed and all tied together to become the most beautiful reception I have ever photographed!

Chris and Kristina wanted to have a quick peek at everything before all their guests came over from the Croquet Lawn. Nikki had worked so hard to make this wedding truly what they had dreamed it would be. I'm guessing by their faces that she was successful!

They glided over the Longtail Terrace for a little twirl together and then I said good bye. 
Thank you both! It was the most wonderful day and I was honoured to be a part of it!

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