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Sunday 7 June 2009

Dance Radio! Bermuda Photographer

So finally I have managed to wade through the 3000 images from the 2009 In Motion Recital! I started shooting for them about three years ago in exchange for taking ballet classes. It has been such a joy to spend time with these amazing girls and their oh so talented teachers. And just amazing to watch them grow and become really wonderful dancers. Here are some of my favourites...

Above Anna stretches before the recital begins. They all come about two hours ahead and take a mini class to warm up before heading downstairs to get in costume. There are shoes everywhere - with about 8-10 girls sharing a dressing room and with three or four pairs each, they all have their own little corner.

The girls write their name and the year inside the costumes. Chantel helps Jaesharrie get ready.

It is adorable to see the younger children watch and admire the older girls, both back stage and from the wings during performances.

There is a tv playing disney's latest and all the wee ones squish together and watch while waiting to go up on stage.

Rebecca, Laurie and Nelshae

This is Alanah's last year at In Motion as she is going away to school in the fall. She is just a lovely dancer and has been so kind to always encourage me - and whenever I am next to her at the barre I feel I need to work a little harder - thank you Alanah...

I love the dramatic effects made by the smoke machine...

Anna is so tall, elegant and graceful, and, as all the girls, patient with me when I ask them to hold poses for what must seem like an eternity!

Chelsea too must not have been very happy with me while holding this position. But they never complain and are always so open to my whims...

Victoria must have done this attitude for me about 15 times...
At right Victoria, Anna, Megan, Jaesharrie and Chelsea

The afternoon light in the City Hall foyer was beautiful and I thought it would be nice to get a few portraits...

Above Megan, below Anna and Jaesharrie's shadow

Anna and Chelsea


Candice is one of the teachers and has the most incredibly beautiful long legs!

The older students help with the younger ones. There is one girl at the front corners of the stage to remind the little ones of their steps.

This piece was done to Michael Jackson's 'Thriller'. It was so effective with the amazing make-up, wardrobe, smoke and lighting - and of course choreography...

Laurie, another teacher, has truly amazing arched feet. I had taken some other shots showing them, but I liked this one better...

Shelby, Jaesharrie and Chelsea

Anna and Alanah

I was shooting a voice performance for the School of the Performing Arts on Thursday evening and Asha was there doing a solo. She has been taking voice lessons for a few months and is really a lovely singer too!

Lizz's yummy poofy puppy always has a little part!

I just love watching the small girls - the costumes are so cute and they really seem to enjoy it all. And their expressions are priceless!

Lizz with her daughter Lola - who really is quite the performer already. She kept wandering to the front of the stage - so Lizz kept a tight hold of her skirt.

Each year I am so impressed with all the tiny details of the costumes - the jewellery that the dancers wear with each costume is really quite beautiful. These sparkly bun covers are just lovely.

Candice poses for a few quick shots while Che delivers one of his skits...

Chelsea's point shoes certainly do get a lot of use, I noticed the light catching the tattered satin while crouched in the wings.

Lizz looks on - just two more pieces to go until the end of yet another amazing two weeks of performances.

As the curtain came down all the students that had all danced the finale together were in quite the frenzy waving goodbye to the audience...

As everyone was clearing the stage I noticed Cameron's feet and snagged her for a few photos with the confetti.

Lizz and Che on stage cleaning up the confetti.

I photographed their wedding on this stage seven years ago. Lizz was a stunning bride and their wedding was by far the most interesting wedding I have ever shot. It has been such a pleasure to capture another In Motion Recital - thank you for letting me! You are all amazing!

The other photos are on www.pictage.com.

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