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Thursday 11 June 2009

The Smith Family: Bermuda Photographer

I have known Colin and Michelle for a long time, but this was the first time I had met Benjamin and Jackie. Michelle wanted to have some family photographs before they go away to school. It was a lovely sunny Sunday and we decided to do the photographs in their garden. Colin's family has been in Bermuda since the 1600's; they live in Paget with their family all living nearby. Their house is next to a large field, which in this image almost looks like the sea.

This wonderful old gate is in their driveway which is lined with Surinam Cherry trees.

I drove past Spittal Pond this afternoon and saw a girl sitting against a tree reading a book. I just love the way trees frame people and create a lovely soft shade.

The whole family - the pups were a little wiggly, but adorable nonetheless...

Their house is charming with all sorts of wonderful details everywhere. On their covered porch was a small book shelf with all sorts of goodies - including a beautiful little painting that Michelle had done. As I was leaving I had to get out my camera again - I just love the light, shadows and textures of their front door.
Thank you for a great afternoon...

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