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Saturday 27 June 2009

Hello Wife... Bermuda Wedding Photographer

Said Kenyon to Amanda just before he kissed her. I love watching couples as they call each other 'husband' and 'wife' for the first time. Kenyon was incredibly dashing in his Navy whites and Amanda was just stunning in the dress she'd had custom designed in Boston by Daniel Faucher Couture Design.

They met in Hong Kong, Amanda was working there and Kenyon was stationed on the USS Kittyhawk. Kenyon had gone to incredible lengths to arrange a tour of the ship for Amanda and her boss - a very kind gesture for someone he'd never met. He had seen a photograph however... He was on a carrier off the coast of Northern China, 18 days before pulling into port in Hong Kong and clearly remembers seeing the picture on his computer of "this incredibly beautiful woman". "If you can picture me on a boat with 5000 smelly navy men and women, working long hours and flying a ton, seeing that picture was like seeing a vision."
They arranged to have dinner but Kenyon had to buy some clothes as he only had uniforms with him. The only things he could find were a little funky and far from his conservative taste. "I was thinking here is this international girl who is probably a little funky herself and might appreciate a guy who took the time to keep up with the fashion of the day. Little did I realize that essentially she hated the shirt. So as Amanda was focused on getting her boss on the carrier and distracted by my poor taste in fashion, I spent the dinner finding out that that this woman was perfect for me."
A few months later, Kenyon sailed to Bermuda in the Newport Bermuda Race. "He asked my parents if he could 'court me'. As you can imagine, my Dad loved that a Naval Officer had asked his permission. The start of our relationship was very 1950's where we had to write letters to each other while he was on the carrier in different locations flying for the Navy... Engraved on the inside of my ring is a compass, so I can always find Kenyon when he is flying or out at sea."

Amanda got dressed at Tucker's Point Hotel in one of their gorgeous rooms overlooking the sea.

"It was fun to have my dress made because I was involved in the design process so the dress is really me!!"

Her bridesmaids - Paige, Rinear, Madison and Lexy wore dresses from Lily Pulitzer.

Page boy Paget Kellogg outside the church waiting for the ceremony to begin. And one of Kenyon's groomsmen holding the orders of service.

The ceremony was held at Holy Trinity Church. I had a few moments with the guys - all so dapper in their uniforms.

The arch of swords ceremony is an old English and American custom, which gives a symbolic pledge of loyalty to the newly married couple from their Marine family. I photographed Kenyon's brother Drew's wedding to Abby years ago. They too had the arch of swords and I remember watching their glee upon exiting the church together. Amanda and Kenyons' smiles were just gorgeous and hearing the laughter and joy from their family and friends was truly touching.

Amanda and Kenyon were taken by carriage to her family's property across the bay. The rest of us followed on foot...

The wedding party with the church in the background. We had a little fun giving the officers the bouquets and the maids the swords... while I waded knee deep into the bay - enduring the icky squishy bottom...

There had been torrential downpours throughout the day - and it was spitting during most of our time doing group photos - but the silver lining to bad weather is the silver linings in the sky...

Thank you for letting me capture your fairytale wedding... you are both amazing and I was honoured to be part of your day...

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