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Saturday 9 June 2012

Anita & Philipp: Bermuda Wedding

They moved to Bermuda together in 2009 and two years later Philipp proposed. Anita accepted, of course, and they began planning their wedding. With their closest family and friends making the journey from Germany, it was important to them to make the whole week filled with activities and celebrations. The 17 of them spent 4 days in New York first, then they all came to the island together. They rented a large house for the week so they could all be together and could have their wedding reception in the garden overlooking the sea. The week flew by and reached its peak on the day of their wedding. The weather had been pretty awful for a week and the forecast was not much better, but the sun did appear and it was a beautiful afternoon. Anita was glowing and Philipp was beaming, and although barely a word of English was spoken, I could understand everything - Love really is a universal language. 

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