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Tuesday 5 June 2012

Eva & Brent: Bermuda Wedding

Eva did not make it easy for Brent, but he was smitten, and when someone is smitten they are persistent. They met during a summer internship in 2005 and Eva was surprised to learn that not only were they both at Harvard, but had actually taken several classes together. In the fall Brent made his first attempt - he asked Eva to give him a tennis lesson and offered to take her out for dinner in return. She promptly declined saying she was too busy. After graduating, they both ended up returning to work at Bank of America, where they had first met. They spent a lot of time together and then started running together through Central Park before work. He asked her to dinner again and this time she accepted; they had a wonderful time and have been together ever since. In December 2010, Brent prepared a magical evening for Eva with flowers and a little feast with all her favourite things. At the end of this evening, he dropped to one knee and Eva accepted this time too...
Thank you both for a wonderful day. I know it was not the sunny wedding you had planned, but it was beautiful and heart warming to see how much you love each other and how adored you are by all your family and friends. 

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