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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Adrian and Peter: Bermuda Wedding

It was a sweltering hot afternoon; I was seriously toasty, but both Adriana and Peter seemed perfectly calm and collected. Perhaps they were totally preoccupied with their love for each other and that on a beautiful beach they were pledging to spend the rest of their lives together. They had written their own vows to each other and although I was too far away to hear them, I was moved. I could see the tenderness and adoration in their words and in the tears they both shed.
They had come to the island a few years ago and as none of their family had ever been here, they decided it would be the perfect spot to get married. They both admit that they were slightly distracted by the setting and really wanted to go in the sea, but realised that would not be the best idea. They did return two days later though, on their last day here and frolicked in the water to their hearts' content.
I am happy you had such a wonderful time here, capturing your joy was a pleasure -so thank you...

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